About Us

Shenzhen GEO Vision Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and commercial company dedicated to offer integrated application solution for smart cities, Transportation/Train,bus,traffic, airport,highway,Commercial/cinema, shopping, architect, exhibition,Institution/financial,education, hospital, military,Home/office,Mosque/church,energy station.

We offer specific comprehensive solution via LED products, LCD products, Other related smart and users friendly products like Solar power system,Portable power ,Camping ,robots, smart home products and etc. based on different industries&fields, environment and various application.

Since its start, all the persons of GEO VIsion dedicated to long-term and Win-win cooperationwith all the clients, pursuit of sincerity, innovation,excellent service,and excellent clients'feelings and satisfications, offers user-friendly products that optimize productivity and business efficiency and maintain the highest standards of design and quality,win a great number of customers' good remarks and the products are sold to more than 100 countries.

All the time,GEO would insist its advantages and absorb the new technology in the markets to grow and develop,brings the customers more choice of the products,and server for more potential markets. Anyway,GEO always need your great support,your good idea and suggestions,and will be open to your friendly care and precious suggestions all the time.Perhaps,GEO is not the biggest one now,but we will pay great efforts to be Number 1,however,your support is the most important thing to us.We always look forwards to your cooperation.

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Who We Are?

GEO Vision, is a real-manufactruer with a reputation for customers from all over the world,as we promise,we manufacturer and supply the proper and best quality products or our clients only basis on the price,and responsible for service,any time,you need support,we would be online for you.


Who Work with GEO Vision?

Since our inception, we’ve been focused on building a company that doesn’t chase pursuit of growth by compromising customer satisfaction. We stand by our commitment to manufacturing high quality products for smart cities to fulfill the fast growing demands of businesses, as we believe that providing value is the single most essential factor in establishing a strong business foundation.


Here are 3 Reasons Why We're Different


With more than 10 years experience in LED&LCD,and other smart products,we are not only a manufactuer,but also a best adviser for you,we can give you the most economic design and suggestion according to your requirement.So please be patient if we require more information from you.


As manufacturer in China,we have many friendly-cooperated raw material suppliers to reduce the cost,so that we can oat an extremely offer you the competitive prices.


Simply put, we’re smart products experts. With a combined experience of over 10 years in the related industry, we make sure your project is properly completed within the budget and time you have planned.